Created in step with the womens collection, with the inclusion of unisex pieces, as well as accessories and shoes, the mens wardrobe resolutely light, sleek and pared down for hot and humid climes. Ample and generously cut, the silhouettes breathe and flow before our eyes in the summer sun.


This theme draws inspiration from waterproof urban apparel along with military and work uniforms from warm and humid countries, through the interplay of woven fabrics (chintz, Japanese denim, twill), destructured cuts (overcoat, three-button jacket, overshirt) and trompe-loeil effects (integrated knitted collar, double cardigan). The restrained palette of gray shades ranges from anthracite with blue-green tones for the light shirts, to lighter, sun-drenched colors.


This theme echoes the spirit of variation and adaptation that has emerged in these uncertain timeswith oversized unisex trousers, a jumpsuit and convertible collar shirts. Warm, earth, sand, taupe and sage tones intersect with summer black. The fabrics are flowing and hemstitched, in dry silk and jersey. The wardrobe artfully pairs a sienna-hued lambskin tunic pocket shirt with the use of light madras cotton featuring original motifs.


This theme is steeped in the collages of influences spanning space and time, which cultivate Lemaire collections from the roots up. The purple, beige and mauve hues originate from two drawings by Mexican folk artist Martín Ramírez — Landscape and Horse Rider 2  while the cuts of the jacket and shirts pull us inside the image, a scene brought to life by bands of color and searing lines.


The set of bags and leather goods highlights the living, personal aspect of leather. The accent colors — brick red, warm beige, sage, and foam white — originate from the atmosphere found in the drawings of artist Martín Ramírez. Moving in stride with bodies and garments, Croissant bag models pair effortlessly with these ensembles, taking on a natural patina over time. Individually molded and hand-polished, the new range of bags includes — as for women — a cartridge bag, a bell key holder, a card case, a cigarette case, and an iPhone case.


Crepe-soled Chinese slippers, open mules — offering a secure, cozy cocoon for the foot — round out this wardrobe with an eye to faraway lands. The classic ankle boot and slip-on models have been brought back.