The collection is presented in three sequences which are both interacting and enhancing each other while echoing seasonal needs and our own. It casts the brands iconic pieces in a new light, drawing parallels between the womens and mens wardrobes while opening new perspectives on volume, silhouettes and colorful accents in a breezy summertime atmosphere.

Sign of the times

Inspired by the soldier dolls of yesteryear, this theme features straight lines and crisp silhouettes, alternating ample forms with fitted waists. Reflecting this period of adaptation, the pieces can be worn in different ways (cape), provide protection (plastron top) or leave ones hands free (jacket with pockets). Saturated and washed colors come together in a harmonious blend of vintage military and world passport shades. Designed for capricious springtime weather, the fabrics are both light and durable: ventile cotton, denim, cool wool, light merino, and poplin.


This theme celebrates the body in motion through a series of layers and visual effects. All-terrain and generously proportioned, the wardrobe is one of belts and buttons, trompe loeil and the feeling of floating through space. The color palette is natural  khaki, beige, granite, sage and terracotta  and fabrics like linen-cotton and dry silk act as a second skin, with the knit now accented by fine hemstitching that highlights the bust, silhouette and flow of the arms. Moved by the pencil strokes of Martín Ramírez, Lemaire has transposed his drawings Madonna and Boat and Canal, which are brought to life by the folds of a dress, or a bag. 


Relaxed and sophisticated, the theme takes liberties with space and symmetry through a hybrid wardrobe composed of modular outfits that revel in the spontaneity of summertime. Light, breezy cotton is the textile of choice: polyamide cotton waffle for the Bermuda short and trench dress, striped cotton canvas for the shirt, and silk cotton for the tank top and baggy skirt. Finally, two mounted figures from the world of Martín Ramírez Horse Rider 1 and Horse Rider 2 suffuse the unisex shirts and t-shirt dress with mauve tones and printed likeness.


An investigation of pure yet sophisticated forms has defined a set of accessories  a cartridge bag, a bell key holder, a card case, an iPhone case and a cigarette case in molded vegetable-tanned leather with a polished sheen. Presented in yellow, black, gray-blue and elephant gray, these leather adornments add a dash of flair to simple outfits. The Camera bag and Satchel bag lines have taken on new shades from the world passport color scheme, while the Croissant bag and the Pursebag designed as extensions of the garments and body have donned all-new colors reminiscent of lentils’ matte tones: brick red, warm beige, sage, and foam white.


The derbies have returned in perforated leather evoking cycling shoes from the 1940s while the key Lemaire version is available in a new light-mosscolor. There are also new, casual models for the sunny months: open mules featuring a topstitched ridge that accents the instep or, alternatively, the heel. An unconventional hybrid is also making its debut, as a nod to lacquered wood furniture. This cross between a Japanese Geta and a traditional Breton wooden clog is presented in two variants: a platform clog and a flat sandal in braided leather.