Martín Ramírez

Boat and canal
121 × 81 cm

Following on from the Fall-Winter 2020 collection, Studio Lemaire has designed a capsule wardrobe in lighter fabrics linen-cotton and dry silk based on the figurative and abstract drawings of Mexican folk artist Martín Ramírez (1895–1963). The shirts, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets and bag are inspired by the stark lines of his illustrations: Madonna, Boat and Canal, Landscape, Horse 1 and Horse 2. The printed motifs play hide-and-go-seek and the faces come to life as the wearer moves, in atmosphere of warm and mauve tones.

Horse and a rider
121 × 58 cm
Horse rider
83 × 58,4 cm

Belatedly recognized as one of the 20th centurys greatest outsider artists, Ramírez created powerful drawings that bear witness to a tragic life marred by hardships: migration, exploited labor, culture shock and forced isolation. In 1925, he left behind his family to work in the mines and railroad construction in the United States. He was hospitalized for mental illness several years thereafter, and later institutionalized against his will for the remainder of his life.

228 × 91 cm

In recent times, a number of museums have held retrospectives of his work and the United States Postal Service has released Martín Ramírez Forever commemorative stamps  its first ever honoring a foreign artist.

Ramírez obsessively produced hundreds of full-page drawings that are both figurative and abstract. His work is imbued with nostalgia for his roots, the meanders of his agonizing journey  both transnational and introspective  and vernacular elements from his homeland, from Madonnas to banditos and forest animals, tunnels and trains.

139 × 104 cm

Drawn in clear, repeating lines, in turns sinuous and angular, these recurring motifs suffuse the collection with warm tones, reverie of far-off lands, and pictorial fugue. Designed from another series of the artists works, the wardrobe portrays fragments of imaginary landscapes from which faces, flowing hair and moving bodies emerge, in perfect harmony with these secret gardens.  

Thank you to the family of Martín Ramírez and to the Ricco/Maresca Gallery for their collaboration and support.